This is way overdue, but since Sacha is napping, and I AM smiling, I thought it was time to pass on the Smiles Award that Whymommy awarded me for this. As much of a great piece of literature that post was, I feel that there are many more deserving people to pass this on to:

Jennifer the Binky Bitch at Playgroups Are No Place for Children for this great post about the Red Ball Chase


Cate at Monkeys and Marbles for living with a farting husband (don’t we all?!)


Mrs. Chicky at Chicky Chicky Baby in celebration of finally getting her Zofran (too bad our friends to the south don’t have Diclectin)


Jackie at Jackie’s Life for warning us about more dangerous toys made in China


Mrs. Flinger for her potty mouth


Scarbie Doll at Martinis for Milk for battling it out with a newborn and a toddler (my life in 7 months).


Kicking some ass and giving names

Things are happening. It’s strange and wonderful and I have YOU to thank for it. In the past weeks, I’ve been the most humble and grateful recipient of some linky-love from some great bloggers and some most excellent blog bling from Jess and Jenny. This has sent my little corner of the blogosphere into a tussle. A mild traffic jam, if you will. Ok, maybe not a traffic jam. Perhaps a 5-car line at the Tim Horton’s drive-thru. But hey, me likey the bizness, and here’s my chance to refer some of my happy customers to the blogs that keep me going.

Be it known to all those who read this that the following blogs kick some ass:

Martinis for Milk, You Can’t Reason With Crazy, Chicken and Cheese, Breed ‘Em and Weep, Attack of the Redneck Mommy

For blogs that rock your world. Hard.

If you want to show your bling, here’s the code:

<a href=”; target=”blank”> <img border=”0″ src=”; alt=”For blogs that rock your world. Hard.”/> </a>

Nice girls get their bling

I’m sorry. I’m late. In more ways than one, I guess. Last week, Jess at Oh The Joys handed over this beeyootiful bling to myself and about 100 other bloganistas.


As you all know, blogging is all about spreading the love. So I am FINALLY going to pass this on to my favourite bloggy ladies:

Krista at Don’t Look Now But…: She is a funny girl, and she gives me linky love more often that I give my husband sex.  Just kidding.  Or am I…

Kara at You Can’t Reason With Crazy: I love her.  She be my buddy and always takes the time to look at my flickr pics and comment on here.

Mrs. Flinger: She once sent me a nice e-mail saying how she was honoured that I was on her site.  I laughed and told her she was crazy.  Crazy nice!

Casey at Moosh in Indy: She is cool.  She comments ALL OVER the place, and I think she would share her mom’s neti pot with me if I asked.

Jackie at Jackie’s Life: She sent me a very nice message offering her skillz for Cre8buzz (which I have not really figured out).  Rawk on!

Disclaimer: This short list is not to say that YOU are not nice.  Reading my blog, in fact, makes you intrinsically nice.  I, however, being tired and pregnant, must go to sleep and should NOT stay up all night blogging and linking away.

I repeat:  YOU are NICE.  You = Nice.

God Save the Queen!

It’s time to laugh out loud!

As recommended to me by Poot and Cubby, I started reading the Queen of Shake Shake. And I laughed. I laughed so hard that I peed. And then I laughed at that!

The woman is hilarious! If you haven’t checked her out yet, DO IT! I probably would have nominated her for all her posts, particularly this one while she was squatting over at Velveteen Mind whining about her fresh mait. But this post is the first one that got to me. This post hooked me, reeled me in, and I was done, forever being a lowly unworthy member of her royal court.

God save the Queen!
Aug07 ROFL award


To see the rest of the summer’s ROFL awards, go here and here.


Oh. My. Yellow. Lilies. I don’t have a speech prepared! I wasn’t expecting this! I don’t know what to do!

Kara over at You Can’t Reason With Crazy awarded me this:


I know I’m a chatterbox, but now I am an AWARD-WINNING chatterbox! Chatty, but in a nice way. In a way that spreads the warmth of the online community through our madly-typing fingers. Mostly, though, I like posting comments on everyone else’s blog because I love reading comments on my own posts. Do unto others, that sort of thing.

And now it’s time to share the love!

I hereby award the Schmoozer award to (drum roll please):

Andi over at Poot and Cubby: She started her blogging addiction hobby a year ago, and has managed to get rave reviews and her fair share of faithful readers and referrers since then. She’s all about growing the fan base.

Erika at Plain Jane Mom: I know, this is a given. She consistently links to lesser known blogs and gives them the recognition they deserve. She has probably already been awarded several times, but I think it bears repeating.

Kristi at Here In Idaho and School House Rock: I love her sense of humour, and I admire her determination to homeschool her children PROPERLY. As well as share her experiences with the world while doing this.

Mrs. Chicken at Chicken and Cheese: She took the time to comment on this, which meant a great deal to me.

And lastly, I award this to Pharmadaddy: He just entered the blogosphere recently, and devotes some time everyday to read the latest happenings on his google reader, as well as posting on being a father, being a husband and being a pharmacist (complete with a Q&A feature).

PS – The fact that I am sleeping with Pharmadaddy bears no weight on my decision to award him this. None whatsoever.

Original Corruptors BLING

Have you sucked invited others into your web of addictions – blogging, facebook, internet funsies, or even KNITTING and laughed with glee when they, too, became fellow addicts?

Or maybe you were that kid in school who said THE WORDS: Everyone is doing it…

Here’s the bling for you!


  1. Just write a post about your evil deeds and how you convinced others of its coolness
  2. Link back here
  3. Post your badge with pride!
  4. Spread the love.

Original Corruptors

After you’ve linked to me, I’ll e-mail you the code, k?