During my elementary years, I ate the same sandwich every day: cheez whiz and mustard. Weird? Yes. Delightful? YES!

Married to the love of my life at the ripe old age of 20, initiated (froshed??) into parenthood at 24 by our boys, Sashimi (’06) and K-Man (’08), and the little lady, iBean (’11).

Rode the scholarship gravy train throughout university and finished with honors (GPA 3.92) to enter the noble profession of inspiring and molding young lives with a starting salary of $45K.

I am a math nerd, a musician, a knitter, a pretty good cook and a passionate breastfeeding supporter/enthusiast. Even if you don’t ask me for breastfeeding advice, I will probably give it.

I try to live as green as possible and feed my kids in a sustainable/organic/local market way, despite their every effort to thwart those plans by flushing the toilet to get a clean bowl before peeing and insisting on eating freshly cooked Kraft Dinner every day and not consuming it in its leftover state from the fridge.  They tell me that if there is no “cheese juice” it just isn’t good.

Is it good to begin with? I ask you.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I counter with:
    tuna and peanut butter
    chocolate syrup and huckleberries
    and of course peanut butter and brown sugar.
    Makes me shudder now. Really– tuna fish– ick

  2. cool blog! I am inspired. What a wonderful way to achieve the highest level of Maslow’s pyramid of needs.
    ie. I suspect from encountering this wonderful personal webpage that you are truly an individual for whom the internet has achieved it’s ultimate raison d’etre – I would say that you have achieved the highest level of personal accomplishment, that of having a perfect representation of you put into cyber space – the nobility of your Being has become eternal!

    P.S. I too have the soul of a mama – in a papa’s body, alas.

  3. I’ve heard peanut butter and pickles is rather lovely.
    However, Peanut butter and ham (awesome) is as far as I’ve ever gone into the depths of peanut butter experimentation.

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