This is way overdue, but since Sacha is napping, and I AM smiling, I thought it was time to pass on the Smiles Award that Whymommy awarded me for this. As much of a great piece of literature that post was, I feel that there are many more deserving people to pass this on to:

Jennifer the Binky Bitch at Playgroups Are No Place for Children for this great post about the Red Ball Chase


Cate at Monkeys and Marbles for living with a farting husband (don’t we all?!)


Mrs. Chicky at Chicky Chicky Baby in celebration of finally getting her Zofran (too bad our friends to the south don’t have Diclectin)


Jackie at Jackie’s Life for warning us about more dangerous toys made in China


Mrs. Flinger for her potty mouth


Scarbie Doll at Martinis for Milk for battling it out with a newborn and a toddler (my life in 7 months).


6 thoughts on “Smiles!

  1. Oh Mrs. Mustard…I’m so flattered! I would like to thank my husband for the blog-fodder that helped me achieve this oh-so-prestigious award.

    Huh….my husband’s flatulence won me an award…who’d of thunk it? šŸ˜‰


  2. THANK YOU for adding me as a twitter peep; I’ve been meaning to stalk/follow you since we both squatted with Velveteen but I was so behind for so long on my blogroll (I’m old school once again and read off my blogroll; couldn’t deal with my reader). I broke out in a huge grin when I saw your header, I’ve missed it…I’m adding you to my blogroll.

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