The Night I was 13…Again

When iBean was in the NICU, I saw that NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys, for the non-followers) was touring and that they would be in Edmonton.  I told Tony about it. He asked “Do you want me to buy you tickets?” I replied with “I am just giving you information.  What you choose to do with it is your choice.”

Well, he bought me tickets.  Pretty good tickets.  As my friend and date Sara pointed out, we were close enough to see their armpit hair.

Take it off Donnie!!

I had bever been to a “screaming” concert before.  I had been to Sarah McLachlan, Lilith Fair, Avril Lavigne and various other girly-artists.  But this was a whole other level of cool.

Opening mash-up number. Let the screaming begin!

I screamed and danced and sang along.  I went crazy (mild understatement) when Donnie came into our section and held my hand and sang “Tonight.”


Their setlist was about two dozen songs and nearly as many costume changes.  We did not get out of there until after 11 pm, at which point I was not really sure if I would need hearing aids for the rest of my life. Or whether iBean would be screaming in the hotel room for my sisters, who were babysitting her, since I had been gone for five hours.

BSB Ballad-a-thon. Be still my heart.

But it was all worth it.  iBean slept the entire time I was gone.  And I got to experience being a 13-year old again, with significantly less acne and no worries about the legal issues of the Kids & Boys being over 18 while I wasn’t.

We're all legal, now!

Right Back Atcha

The T-shirt I bought says “Once in a lifetime.”  I would not complain if it was twice.


How Long I Have Waited

Ally McBeal is FINALLY on DVD!!

Now, I know I am dating myself, but I loved this show so much that everyone knew that you did NOT call me during Ally McBeal, on punishment of death.  Or at the least a severe verbal lashing, followed by a click and a dial tone.  Even Tony knew not to call, when we were first dating, on Monday nights between 10-11 pm: I was on a date with Billy…until he died.  And then with Larry.  Until good old R. Downey Jr got sent to jail for some drug charge and they had to write Larry off.  I cried my face off.

I have been waiting for years to get this on DVD, and even tried to find a way to buy a non-region-encoded DVD player and then order the DVDs from the UK, where it has been out for a long time.  Apparently there were issues with music rights and so on in the New World…gah.

Tony says he wishes he would have known, as he already bought my Christmas gift. NOOOOooooooooo!

To quote John “The Biscuit” Cage: BALLS!

I’m as shocked as you are

I read a book.

An entire book.  With no illustrations or references to a singing backpack, fire trucks, construction equipment or Sir Topham Hat.

The book had over 200 pages and a TON of footnotes.

And I read it in under a week.

As the mother of a 22 month old and 8 week old, I think you should be impressed.

Want to know what I read?  Go here!

I am a Mother of BoyS

He’s here!

Looking like his big brother

The juicy details are:

Water broke COMPLETELY in my bed and all over my floors at 11:40 pm May 14th. Must now get feather bed dry cleaned.

Arrived at hospital at midnight, leaving a trail of water as I walked from the car to the entrance. Stripped down to housecoat in elevator due to disgusting leakage in pants and crocs.

Normally there are no anaesthesiologists at night, so no epidurals. I tried the laughing gas, but it made me want to toss my cookies. I tried the morphine-gravol drip, it did nothing. The contractions seemed so much worse this time than with Sacha. Tony had to leave the room a few times during them (nurses took care of me) because he thought HE was going to toss his cookies from seeing me writhe in pain. My doctor pulled some strings and I got an epidural at 3:30 am. I have never been so happy.

Started pushing at 6:50 am, and by 7:12 am on May 15th, the doctor announced that we had a baby boy. We both took a real hard look at his penis, as we both thought that it would be a girl. Turns out intuition is NOT always right 😉

Birth stats to satisfy your curiosity:

  • Name: Kees Victor
  • weight: 7 lbs 6.5 oz
  • length: 18 3/4 inches
  • His name is pronounced Case, but Kees is the Dutch spelling of it, and since he is named after Tony’s paternal grandfather, who was Dutch, we kept the Kees.
  • Victor was my paternal grandfather
  • He is 2 lbs heavier than Sacha was at birth, but only 1 inch longer.  This makes for excellent chubby cheeks and a cute double chin.  He came home from the hospital in a sleeper that Sacha only fit when we has over 1 month old

A first glimpse of best pals

I’ve been told it takes a special woman to be a mother of boyS. Here’s hoping I’m the right kind of special!


Are you sitting down? Are you? Don’t risk it, you should be sitting down for this:

Sacha took his first steps! He was pushing a broom (yes, I train my child labourers early) and I was holding on to him. Then all of a sudden, he just took off from me, walked 5 steps, realized that he was no longer touching me, and cried and fell on his grossly padded cloth-diapered bum.  I screamed for Tony to come and see, and this scared Sacha and made him cry more.  Stupid Sarah.

Then, he did it again! 5 more steps (while sweeping, good boy)! Once again, he realized that he was alone in his endeavor, fell on his bum and cried.

I ran around in circles like a village idiot howling “I have to call someone! I have to call someone!” only to realize that my mom was NOT at home. So I called my Baba (for you non-Ukrainian folk, that’s Grandma) who asked if I had taped it. Seeing that I am not psychic and did not anticipate the event, I told her that I had not captured the moment for all eternity.

Yippee!  I am über happy, even though I know these few steps will only eventually lead to complete chaos in my house.

As if it weren’t already chaotic here: did you know that tampons do not make good soothers?  They should really put that on the box.

Canadian Idol: Can I pick ’em or what?!


Two of those boys that I loved from Monday night went on to top 22.  Out of all 200 people, 2 of my picks got through: Greg Neufeld and Andrew Austin.  I seriously think that I should be a judge, or at least given a free ticket to the show (airfare please!) and huge banner that says “Hot Sarah Sure Can Pick ‘Em!”

Plus, did I mention that Greg is easy on the eyes?

Since I did not watch last year, I really didn’t know that he was almost top 10 last season.  That makes my pick even MORE amazing, don’t you think?

Did I mention that Greg is nice to look at?

Maybe he’ll do better this year with the shorter haircut (yes, I looked at pics from last season after realizing that he has a fan club, not that I would ever join…)