My blood pressure is high.  Again.  It was high when I was pregnant with the twins. After the miscarriage, my blood pressure went back to normal within a couple of weeks (this was verified by my doctor). And now, at 15 weeks, it is back up there.

In the last week, I had a wicked headache, if you remember from my last post.  I had not really thought much about it until Tony asked if I had checked my blood pressure lately.  I had not, so I went in to his pharmacy and checked it at one of those machines.  It read 138/88.  Not hypertensive, by definition, but still higher than the 119/78 I had when I was not pregnant.  Since then, I have had 3 more headaches, and am now monitoring my blood pressure at home.  My doctor wants to see me in a couple of days regarding this, because obviously this is an issue with pregnancy and me.

Anyone wanting to send prayers and good karma my way is more than welcome to.


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