Overconfidence in knitting speed makes mommies stupid

My 3-year old loves anglerfish. That was my main motivation in buying Hansi Singh’s Amigurmi: the anglerfish pattern.
I went through my stash and chose colours that would work together and please the 3-year old dictator, and then started up. I literally had cast on 8 stitches when Sacha looked at me and said: “Is it done yet?”
So by day 2, I had the body done and it was stuffed. Sacha really wanted me to finish it, but alas, I have to take care of my other child, 2-year old Kees. So I promised him that as soon as Kees went to bed, I would start working on his anglerfish and finish it, then put it in his bed so that he would see it first thing when he awoke in the morning.
By 12:30 am, after 4 hours of knitting damn fins and such, the anglerfish still had no teeth or eyes, but I was so tired that I said screw it. I put it in Sacha’s bed as it was. I went to bed and hoping to regain feeling in my arms by morning.
At 5:00 am, I heard him call out: “Mommy! Mommy!”

I stumbled to his room, tired, but excited, thinking he was going to thank me. All he said was: “Mommy, you forgot to put on his teeth!” I rolled into his bed and went back to sleep.  Two minutes later, he told me to go back to my bed. BAH!

I drank about 5 coffees when I woke up and finished the eyes and teeth by 9:00 am that morning.
The Anglerfish

Sacha christened him Spike.

Not just in the deeo blue sea anymore


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