Onward, Potty Soldiers!

Since Sacha turned the big TWO last week, we have started thinking about potty training. I purchased a potty and placed it in the bathroom and waited for Sacha to figure it out on his own.  He’s a smart kid.  He can do it.

Sacha came to tell me “caca” (which he always does before or during a poop).  I asked him if he wanted to sit on his potty, and he did.  Unfortunately, by the time I put Kees down and got Sacha’s pants down and diaper off and socks off (as requested by the training two-year-old), he had already pooped.  BUT he insisted on sitting on the potty anyway.  He tapped his feet and kept checking in the pot to see if anything had happened.  Kees and I just sat next to him and played.  Then, Sacha looked down, then stood up and pointed in the potty.  I looked and saw…

PEE!  He actually peed in the potty!  Party time!  Kiss Kiss Hug Hug Pat on the Back I am SO Proud of YOU Have a Chocolate!

He later awoke from his nap with a dry diaper and insisted on sitting on the potty again to pee.  Which he did.  BOO YA!

I am the world’s best super-mom!  My kid can potty train himself!  Throw away all diapers, baby!  Penis on a mission coming through!

Then he peed in his diaper all afternoon.  And before his bath, in which he ALWAYS pees as soon as his toes touch the water, I asked him if he wanted to pee.  He placated me by sitting on the potty, but nothing.  So he got up, went into the tub, and peed there.

Must now dig diapers out of trash.

And order potty training books.

Onward, Potty Soldiers!


If you are wondering where the hell I’ve been, I will tell you that I am “borrowing” my innerwebs from an unsuspecting kind neighbour.  It is not always stable or very strong.  On top of that, I am actually embracing what it means to blog “guilt-free” and loving it.


6 thoughts on “Onward, Potty Soldiers!

  1. Stolen Liberated WiFi is always so much more sweet.

    As for skipping the whole Potty training thing … the accidents go on to provide so much material for later it is worth the pain. I still terrorise my son with it now 🙂

  2. good luck potty training. Trust me it’s the worst two weeks ever but once it’s done you can do a sweet sweet dance to the woohoo no more diapers until no 2 is potty trained.

    Love your new header btw so cute.

  3. Hey, have fun! hope it goes well. Since Mimi started walking, we pretty much had to retrain Matthé…Wow your guy is 2!!!!!!!

  4. Wow, you mean I might actually have hope for a period of no diapers before the next one comes along??? (current child will be 2 in 7 months and I’m not pregnant!)
    And thank you for the fact that I now have the hymn Onward Christian Soldiers stuck in my head from your title…

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