I’m so cool, I just had to do it


I am still pregnant. I have not yet sold my house. I still have a toddler who is waking up at night.

BUT…I have my own domain. I am now cheezewhizandmustard.com

For all you readers via feed, the new one is here. In all honesty, the old feed probably still works, so as long as you keep reading, that’s all that matters!

For any of you who have me in your bookmarks, you can update them to the new domain. For any of you who have my blog address scribbled on a post-it note next to the computer screen, you can throw that one out and make a new post-it note that says “My favourite blog by Mrs. Mustard is now cheezewhizandmustard.com”

Now, in light of the fact that this post is for the most part full of useless information, I have decided to brighten your reading pleasure with random shots of the little dude, who may be hanging around with his crazy maman a little too much:

How YOU doin'?

How YOU doin’?

You put the eye shadow on like this...

You put the eye shadow on like so.

Easy Breezy Beautiful

Easy Breezy Beautiful…


6 thoughts on “I’m so cool, I just had to do it

  1. I may have to be a copycat and snatch up a fancy new domain.

    And it looks like excellent make-up skillz run in the family – Elliot puts on make-up much the same way. Perhaps they can open up their own spa together one day.

  2. Andi: is it sad that I actually bought the Dude his own Bonne Bell eyeshadow? I just got tired of him totally destroying my expensive and precious MAC maquillage.

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