I mega-loathe the doctor

Let me first clarify the title of this post: I do not mega-loathe my doctor specifically. In fact, he has always made himself very available to us as a family doctor, and he is a good physician.

I am at the stage of my pregnancy where I have to see him every farking week.  This is what I hate.  I cannot get a sitter for Sacha (insert long story here), so he has to tag along.  This is what loathe.  The habitual time spent in the doctor’s office each visit is 2 hours.  This is what I mega-loathe.

There are only so many things that I can do to entertain a toddler in a doctor’s office for 2 hours every week: I pack an entire backpack full of snacks, books, his favourite toys, sugar-type food things, and beyond.  You would think that this would work.  Well, not if you have a child who remembers all too well the pain of getting vaccines.  Sacha starts whimpering  as soon as we drive into the parking lot, then the full blown tears and screaming starts when we start taking off our coats and boots inside. (Yes, I did say boots.  We’ll have snow until July at this rate).  On a good day, it takes me about 30 minutes to calm him down.  Then, we’ll get called into one of the ROOMS OF TERROR examining rooms.  Insert more screaming, kicking, pulling on my arm, etc.

I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it.

It’s reason enough for me to want this baby to come early.  Not that I really want that to happen, but at times, it seems the lesser of two evils.


6 thoughts on “I mega-loathe the doctor

  1. Hang in there! I am right there with you on dragging around a toddler and being pregnant. Mine decides that now that it is immpossible for me to bend over he will spend most of his time on the floor kicking an screaming. Argh!@

  2. Aw I’m so sorry! Poor little guy (and poor mama). He doesn’t understand and he’s just conditioned to think he’s gonna get hurt. Kind of like when we used to take our dogs to the vet and they would almost refuse to go in (NOT that I’m suggesting Sacha is an animal).
    And my best friend just told me she’s pregnant again… this will be number 4! Ay!

  3. eeks…I hated that. I dragged Woody to almost all my appnts for boy2 it was a pain in the butt!

    Having him scream while I walked the hallways always seemed to work to get the doctor in there pronto. Hang in there not much longer now!

  4. Reminds me of the time I had to take my 3 year old to the lab with me so I could have multiple horrible tests. WHen I came out he said sweetly,
    “Go have more tests Mommy, I’m not done playing with these toys yet”.
    Isn’t it amazing he lived to be 26?

  5. Be careful what you wish for. Soon ye shall be dragging 2 of them to appointments. Then the super-fantastic-fun-times begin. Well, unless you can find a kindly family member to watch at least one of them…

  6. Yea I tried not to laugh as I read this because ya, like Andi said pretty soon you will be like me a dragging 2 of them! And ya I move “back east” and the promises of “oh I can not wait I will babysit every Friday night or whenever you and Greg want to go out” have yet to happen!HA! Am I bitter…no…hahahahahaha!
    Beautiful knitting projects Sarah I am so envious I never knit anymore aaaggh.
    Today my kids got themselves dressed and when I took a look, 2 min before going out the door, every one had outgrown their outfits!! Poor Connor I have been squeezing his feet in boots ranging from size 12 to 2!!Time to get on the ball for me!See when you only have one you are always on top of that stuff!!

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