Caution: Wii Pregnant

We be Wiiing.

Despite the ridiculous difficulty in obtaining a Wii in most of Canada (anywhere you look, they’re back-ordered or out-of-stock), we got one.  Last weekend.  It was a great weekend.  I whooped Col. Mustard’s ass at everything, despite my being huge with baby.

I thought this weekend would be an easy victory.  HA!  Turns out the Col. has been practicing.  A lot.  Especially at tennis, which I have actually played in real life, while he has not.   I don’t know how many best-of-fives we played last night, but they all ended after 3 matches, and never in my favour.  He can hit those balls and make them go so fast, while mine just lob over the net with a nice pregnant arc.

The Col. decided to run on the elliptical after trouncing me at tennis, but I wanted to redeem myself at something, anything.  So I decided to take up a new sport: bowling. Nice low impact, not really cardio, I thought it would be great.  And it was. I am the MASTA of bowling.  I played until I racked up my skill level to 784.  Then I noticed that my butt really hurt.  I was using muscles I didn’t know I had anymore, so I decided to call it a night.

My ass thought otherwise.

My ass and lower back ached so much that I couldn’t sleep for most of the night, on top of the regular night-time wakefulness a pregnant women suffers in her third trimester. Luckily for me, the Col. woke up with Sacha and took him to church while I tried to sleep in.

They just got back from church.  Turns out there was a pancake buffet breakfast.  I ate Cheerios at home.  Serves my heathen-wiiing-ass right, I guess.


I welcome any tips on how to play Wii tennis and spike those balls so I can beat my husband,  whose advantage seems to lie in the fact that he is so clearly accustomed to playing with his.


15 thoughts on “Caution: Wii Pregnant

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  2. Oh you crack me up! Especially the last comment… not that I have ANY advice about Wiiing. And they are impossible to find here in the States as well. You’d think that after a year of being on the market they would have plenty in stock or people would have gotten them if they wanted, but they are still out all the time.

  3. So jealous you have a Wii. I am impressed you are playing, at 8.5 months pregnant I can bearly get off the couch, and sleeping is non-exsistent! I would also be extremely upset that I missed the pancakes as well.

  4. Well, if it is spousal abuse, then I am GUILTY because I can outbox my husband any day on the Wii.

    Although, I have no pointers on tennis. My heathen ass and my flabby arms are a disgrace on the virtual court.

  5. I have no Wii tips as I’m still Wiiless. You cracked my heathen ass up though – especially the part about the Col. playing with his balls (ha ha).

  6. Its all in the timing of the serve I have found.. try tossing the ball up and then almost immediately hitting it… result is a smashing almost impossible to return serve. Gets my hubby every time! 🙂

  7. We’re buying a used Wii from a friend but it hasn’t come home yet. Because the tax refund hasn’t either. I’m kind of excited, but apprehensive because we have a gamecube and ps2 which I have absolutely zero interest in.

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