It’s Business Time

As some of you may already be aware, Col. Mustard* and I have been married for 5 years.  Our church decided to have a mass celebration of marriage this year: anyone who is celebrating a significant anniversary (which they defined as a year ending in 5 or 0, or anything over 50) would get to celebrate mass together, get a fancy certificate, have a festive luncheon with sweet little finger sandwiches, and have a complimentary anniversary photo taken.  Being a total sucker for succulent finger sandwiches, I signed us up.

I did not know that in order to get free sandwiches, we would need to renew our vows.  Uh oh.  For realz?  I already did this once!  Does this mean I’m going to have to put out tonight? Cuz I got tricked into that once before, and I’d like to think that I’m on to that whole wedding game, now.  You can’t fool me twice.

But then I looked at my husband, my dear, sweet husband who gets up with our son every morning and lets me sleep until 8, who buys me yummy chocolates out of the blue, who cleans up around the house, who supports my knitting and internetz addictions, and who loves me anyway.

I guess putting out once in a while is worth it.


*Tony has mentioned that it would be cool if he takes on my alias, so as of now he is Col. Mustard.  As in Clue.  As in Col. Mustard in the conservatory with the knife. Not that he’s into that sort of thing.


7 thoughts on “It’s Business Time

  1. So does that make Sacha the Mustard Seed or is that the new one? 🙂 Hmm, must be creative now…
    On a side note, my computer is dead now so I won’t be around much. Will only get a little time on hubby’s work computer in the evenings. So sad. 😦

  2. So, from the title of this I take it you watched the video? I’ve had that freakin’ song in my head for the last two days, so I totally cracked up when I saw your post. You dutiful wife, you.

    Oh, and I love Tony’s alias. As I love Krista’s suggestion that Sacha is the Mustard Seed. From now on I shall think of the Cuddly Fetus as Dijon.

  3. I love Andi’s suggestion of Dijon and Krista’s of Mustard Seed…Love it.

    Good luck renewing your vows. Randy already informed me that he will not participate in any and all renewing ceremonies…so if I want to do that I have to find some other sucker to do it with me. (his words….nicccccce) So glad Col Mustard is a much more active participant in the romantic/free fingerfood department.

  4. i’m also extremely blessed in the selfless companion department. it’s amazing how little it can take to make them happy as compared to the complex needs of a woman, huh? 🙂 i say it’s totally worth it.

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