Praise Alibaba! I found Jesus!

Jesus is the way, and the way to Jesus is moonshine.

Let it be known to all the world that today, I have found Jesus. He has been missing for 2 years and although I looked everywhere, I couldn’t find him. I couldn’t even put out my nativity set this Christmas (or last) because it just didn’t feel right, knowing that Jesus wasn’t there.

So where did I find him? He was under the stairs in a little box with our moonshine wine-making accessories. Henceforth, I shall know, and I am telling the world on the internets, that the drinking and making of such fine home-distilled beverages is truly the only way to find Jesus.

I found Jesus!


17 thoughts on “Praise Alibaba! I found Jesus!

  1. That was awesome. It reminds me of the magnet I have on my fridge that says “I found Jesus – he was behind the couch the whole time.”

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