Five Years Ago

Over 7 years ago, I found myself a handsome boyfriend:

Handsome T

He also happened to be very intelligent (most of the time), a good cook and baker. I thought he was pretty cool, so I convinced him that he should marry me and let me have his babies. It was a hard sell, seeing that I am also highly intelligent, a good cook, but only a moderate baker. So to up the ante, I decided to gain some weight in my boobs (naturally, no surgery here) so that they were no longer As but Cs. That convinced him, and he bought me a ring.

Like an angel

It’s a good thing I got those boobs, otherwise I would not have filled out my dress so well. Not without paying hundreds of dollars in alterations, anyway.

So 5 years ago, today, we made it official. He gave me his word, a ring, and a white rose, promising to bring me a white rose on each anniversary as a reminder of how fragile love is and that we need to nurture it to keep it alive and strong:

The beginning of the rose

And we made a vow to stick together.

Mr and Mrs

Walking out of the church as man & wife

In the past five years, we’ve gained weight together (Oh Cuba!):

Oh Cuba!

We’ve floated on the Seine together:

Tony and Sarah on a riverboat in Paris

We decided that I should gain 44 lbs over 9 months or so:

pregnant sarah

To produce this (5 days after the belly shot):

sacha 3 days old

And now, 16 months later, we have this:

Christmas 2007

And this in the works:

My little alien baby

And I couldn’t be happier.

Happy Anniversary, T!


19 thoughts on “Five Years Ago

  1. Aw, so sweet. I already sent you an e-card, but I’ll say happy anniversary again. And now, you must remove the source of your boob fertilizer. Help a small-chested mama out, please.

    Oh, and on another note, can you send me the code you used to get your pics side by side. I tried it on my last post and it didn’t work. Boo.

  2. oh, i’m sorry i missed this. but you know the week i’ve had! 😉

    Happy belated Anniversary. and may i just say, in case i haven’t before….you’re GORGEOUS!

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