A visual aid

In reference to my last post, I knew that I had some good pictures of the last Christmas we spent with our family (back home – 2005). Maybe now you will fully understand the good times we will be missing:

Mullets New Year's Eve 2005
Mullets were all the rage, even among Babas

Christmas 2005

We all played with our rods – gifts in preparation for our houseboating trip

Party like it's 1983!

 Hair metal is BACK!

Hair Metal is back!

My sister brings out the best in people, including my step-dad

The crazy aunts

The crazy aunts

Talia rawks!

See?  Don’t you wanna be like her?

Atari always brings the family together

Ooh!  Atari!  I wanna play pong next!

Puppies go Woof Woof!

Puppies say Woof Woof!

Yeah, Ariel.  I'll be right over.

Yo Ariel, I’ll be right there as soon as I ditch this sausage fest.  Wear those shells that I love, will ya?

 How could you NOT want to party with my family?


3 thoughts on “A visual aid

  1. your family looks like they are awesome fun! awwww….you’re making me sad now. i know it’s a long drive…but you can come to my place for Christmas if you want…;-)

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