Since you’ve all shown me yours

After reading this post on Temporarily Me, I decided to let it all out.

My feed count. See that little pink widget in my sidebar? Yeah, it says 17. Now is time for a little explanation. Is my feed count really 17? Probably not. The tricksy thing is that since I am on WP, my blog automatically has a WP feed. Then I signed up for feedburner some 6 months later when WP stopped giving us feed stats. Many people do not even know that I have 2 feeds, but I do. One of them is tracked by the wonderful Feedburner, the other is lost in oblivion somewhere, but I infer from my regular commentators (like YOU!) that I have more than 17 readers and that they are probably reading my wordpress feed.

I have been hiding my FB stats for a while, but I’m letting it all out. I have no shame in my low number anymore. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love it if you all switched to my FB feed so I could really know how many readers I actually have, but if you don’t, I’m ok with that.

So revel in the beautiful pink widget. I’ll give you a moment.


9 thoughts on “Since you’ve all shown me yours

  1. beautiful pink!!

    And yeah, I’m the same. I have an ATOM feed and an RSS feed – Feedburner only tracks one or the other… so I think my numbers are slightly skewed too.

    But! That doesn’t matter because those 17 readers are important!! and should be embraced, right!?

    It took me a little to share my numbers because I’m competitive and always hard on myself – but I figured it’s about time. I’m not ashamed.. even if I do have about HALF the number of some other bloggers out there.

  2. I’m so confused… I never knew that feeds could make a difference! most of the time I just copy the actual URL and paste it into my reader and it automatically “subscribes” me. Hmph. I guess this is why I use mybloglog because it just tells me how many different readers I have as opposed to how many hits. works pretty well, not that I really care how many people read my blog, since it’s mostly for family! 😉

  3. Hmmmmm…..I’m not sure how I was getting you. I just used the “add to google reader” thing I’ve saved in my links. I resubscribed with your link.

  4. my number sucks…..10 readers by feedburner….:( i feel so unloved…of course, the number of comments i get would say differently! i didn’t know WordPress had it’s own feed….wow, i’m a tool…

    anyway, i’m already subscribed to your wonderful blog through feedburner….i’m one of the famous 17! woot!

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