The state of things

Overheard in our house

Moments ago:

Me: We need to put these clothes away. I need to use the baskets.
Tony: What? We don’t put laundry away. We just wait until next week when we do laundry again.
Me: Tony, this is last week’s laundry.
Tony: Oh. my. gosh.


While sitting down in the living room after putting the Dude to bed:

Me: What the…why is our house so clean?
Tony: I was wondering the same thing myself.
Me: Weird.


4 thoughts on “The state of things

  1. My laundry is threatening to eat me alive.

    And perhaps your clean house is due to the cleaning lady? That’s right, I exposed your little secret.

  2. Yes, but my cleaning lady only makes my house clean for the first hour or so after she leaves. By the weekend, you’d never even guess that the house was ever cleaned.
    So this was really eerie. A clean house on a Sunday? After a full weekend of having T and Sacha playing and baking…

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