Knit Happens

It is finished.

After 4 months of work, which began basically when I found out that I was pregnant, I have completed my first sweater!

So you may all be wondering, why does Sacha have an H on his sweater? What’s his middle name? What is the Mustard’s real last name? Well, I am sorry to tell you that the answer to the H lies in none of those questions. Sacha wears an H as homage to Harry Potter.

I bought this knitting book in the summer, determined to learn how to make a sweater and that Sacha could wear it this winter. It was going really well until I started getting sick from the pregnancy. I then put down my needles and didn’t touch then until late October. I had almost completed the sweater when I decided to try it on him: the damn thing wouldn’t fit over his head. Aw crap. I think it was partially from the pattern, partially from my binding-off too tight. So I had to take apart the collar and make it larger than the pattern asked, then I was able to sew the piece together and voilà!

Knit Happens

Pretty cute, if I do toot my own horn. And I have been known to toot on occasion…


17 thoughts on “Knit Happens

  1. OMG! It looks awesome! The knitting nerd in me has 2 questions – did you manage to master the mattress stitch? And, is the “H” done in intarsia or duplicate stitches?

  2. you’re fibbing, right? that’s not your first sweater…is it? seriously? it looks fabulous!

    btw, i can knit a mean….long scarf thingy….all in knit stitch with the occasional purl….ya, i suck at knitting. but my mom…you can’t even see her hands moving, she knits so fast! seriously, i should take a video one day and show you…crazy! she knits the continental method…which way do you knit?

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