Just call me Whoopi

There has been some confusion in the world lately, especially after people started reading my google meme. The particular trouble lay in this image, which was supposed to represent my nickname:

my sister calls me this

I never realized that people would be confused. But they were. Even those who know me best.

As the story was told to me, my pooty SIL saw this and exclaimed “Sarah’s nickname is Whoopi??”
Her husband then said, “I think her nickname is Sarafina.”
“Who would call her that?” pooty asked.
“Who would call her WHOOPI??” her husband said.

Exactly.  Who would call me Whoopi? Then again, if even my amazingly intelligent, astute and beautifully flat-tummied SIL (your welcome, Andi) thought people called me Whoopi, maybe there is something to the name that I have not considered before.  I have been known to let Whoopi-type sounds escape me.  Maybe the name really does suit me…


2 thoughts on “Just call me Whoopi

  1. Oh my lord! That was some fantastic ass-kissing, Whoopi, my friend. I just may have to give you a big sloppy kiss next time I see you for calling me flat-tummied (not to mention astute and intelligent). Thanks!

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