My life according to Google images

As much time as some memes seem to take, this one, which Krista tagged me for, intrigued me, as I do so LOVE a random google search.

How it works: Type the answer to each question in a Google image search and post the 1st picture result.

Age at my next birthday:

my next birthday


Place I’d like to travel:

I'd like to go here

Favourite place:

I love being here

Favourite object:

I love mine


Favourite food:

I could eat this every day

Favourite colour:

my favourite colour (not artist)


Nick name:

my sister calls me this


Place you were born:

i was born here


I hereby tag Heather and Andi, because I am sure the pictures they would come up with would be awesome. And anyone else pining for blog fodder, have at ‘er!


6 thoughts on “My life according to Google images

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  2. I’m afraid to know why your nickname is Whoopi.

    I’ll put this game on my list! But have you seen my list? I want to burn my list…December is Ca-razy. I’d like to skip the month, thank you. LOL

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