Help me find the bandwagon!

Last night was amazing.  Not in any sexy-time sort of way.

Sacha slept through the night.   For the fifth time.  Ever.  That’s right, at 15 months, my son has slept straight through the night 5 times in total.

For the past three weeks or so, he was been waking up 3+ times a night, often requiring Daddy’s constant night vigil over the ghools and goblins in his room.  Apparently, Mommy is one of these ghools, as he screams bloody murder whenever I would try and put him back to sleep.

And then last night, for some reason, the sleep deities smiled down on us and he slept through the night. From 7 until 7.  Brilliant!

Now if only we could figure out wtf we did to make that happen.  Maybe we could get on this sleeping-through-the-night bandwagon that every parent says is so wonderful.  At this point, I would settle for a one-man-harmonica-toting-accordion-playing-bandwagon.  Maybe even just a wagon.  No band necessary.  Maybe the band is what keeps him up at night…


4 thoughts on “Help me find the bandwagon!

  1. Congrats on the one night… I hope it wasn’t the one night you stayed up late just because… that usually happens to me. 😦
    I have no suggestions. Other than occasionally when we keep him up just a little past bedtime he sleeps longer.
    Good luck!

  2. I’d be willing to bet you did nothing to make this happen. Those little buggers just like to keep us guessing. I hope the sleep continues, though.

  3. it’s always a crap shoot with toddlers and their sleep! if i could give you a hand and pull you up on the wagon, i would…

    maybe he was extra tired. did he have an unusually busy evening?

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