How I met the Husband: the first date

Get caught up with parts 1 and 2 of this epic series.

The friday came for our date.  We agreed to meet after classes were over and go have coffee somewhere on campus.  At this point, I did not drink coffee, but feeling as though that’s what all the real students did, I thought that a coffee date was oh-so-classy. I remember carefully choosing what I would wear: a tight black top, accentuating my toned upper-half, some red hip-hugger jeans, and gold hoops in my ears. The combo was casual, but to die for, and my husband says he will never forget the way I looked that day.

Tony, in turn, was wearing a gray top and jeans. The top was one that definitely made him look built, and he had a dog tag around his neck with the initials WWJD. Good christian boy: check!

We went for coffee and neither of us shut up for the entire 2 hours we were there.  If you know us in real life, you would attest to that as completely probable.  We had so much to talk about, in fact, that we decided to continue our date over dinner.  Being students, however, meant that we had limited means of transport.  Tony had made prior arrangements with his older sister to borrow her ride, should it be needed.  So, we walked about 10 blocks to her basement suite, where he picked up the keys and a little note from the mailbox.  I later found out that the note said “Good luck with the love wagon,” or something to true poot and cubby effect.  Wagon, you ask?  Yup.  A blue Ford Windstar minivan.  It just oozed cool.

We drove to the Olive Garden, where we ate.  And we talked.  And ate.  And talked more. After a couple of hours of conversation, we still felt that there was MORE to talk about.So Tony and his love wagon drove me back to my place, where we watched a movie.  As a sign of just how much he must have been smittin, he agreed (excitedly) to watch Shakespeare in Love. Oh so manly!  Be still my heart!

On a total side note, for those who think “how could she let a strange guy into her house?”  I lived with 3 roommates, one of whom was a man, so my poonani was protected.

The date ended with a hug.  Nothing more, nothing less.

And then I waited for the call-back.

How long did it take?  Check back here for more! 


5 thoughts on “How I met the Husband: the first date

  1. Oh and I just remembered what I really put on the note which may account for Tony’s embarrassment (that’s right, I’m all about mortifying my loved ones). I believe I called it a “shaggin’ wagon”, not a “love wagon.” I’m just that classy.

  2. what a great story…can’t wait to hear how long it took him to call you again!!!

    btw, i didn’t know you and Andi were related…by marriage or whatever!

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