Are you smarter than a…

This site is sweet.  It tests your vocabulary, something which I think would interest most bloggers.

Free Rice

The words start off somewhat easy, and the more you get right, the more difficult they become. There are 50 levels, it’s rare to make it to 48.  I got up to 36.  Try it out and leave a comment with your highest score.  It’s more addicting than you think!


10 thoughts on “Are you smarter than a…

  1. HunkyDory did a team effort and wasted, seriously, a couple hours doing this. We wavered between 43-47. It was fun to talk through the words together! Now I’m bleary-eyed and dragging myself to bed!

  2. I got up to 39 last night while watching TV. I guess multitasking makes me smarter.
    Even so, I must say my vocabulary is not as high as it was when I was in University, and teaching 6th grade math didn’t help matters, either.
    They really need to make one of these games for math nerds.

  3. I wavered between 39 and 41, but I have to say I’m not so sure I agree with all of their definitions, I don’t think all of those words really “equal” each other.

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