The Calm after the storm

Sacha can be a huge ball of energy. Sometimes, even 2 parents aren’t enough to contain his force. I present for your viewing Exhibit A:

Then, there are times when he’s so quiet and content in his own world, that I just have to stop whatever I’m doing (in this case, making dinner) and watch him, as you will see in Exhibit B:

Man, I love this kid!


10 thoughts on “The Calm after the storm

  1. No worries about lead laden toys for you! Just give him tupperware!

    Is that a Fuzzi Bunz in that first video?

    That was why my book shelves were half empty a few years back. It was pointless to keep putting it back.

  2. oh, those videos are so precious! but seriously….umm…are you sure Sacha and my boys aren’t related? Logan being like the first Sacha video, and Zander being like the second Sacha video! đŸ˜‰ and is that a Fuzzi Bunz i spy? yet another similarity!

    btw, i didn’t know you spoke French! i do too….a little…well, enough for someone living in Ottawa!

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