Stranger than fiction

I’ve heard from many women that they all had strange and vivid dreams while pregnant. I did not encounter this with Sacha. This time around, I sometimes wake up and believe that what I dreamed actually happened, then call my sister to make sure she didn’t die, or call my friend to make sure he wasn’t trampled in a horrible running-of-the-cow parade.

Last night’s siesta took the cake.

I dreamed I had triplets, all boys, and had to nurse them all at the same time.  I had them placed on a couch and did the old “lean over” method. Sweet jebus!   To make it more interesting, as they nursed, they morphed into toddlers, and all started biting me!

I woke up petrified. Wouldn’t you?


6 thoughts on “Stranger than fiction

  1. I had dreams, but they were much better and less terrifying than yours! Mine were all sex dreams. Detailed, great sex dreams. The only problem? It was never with Hubby. Oh my. Needless to say, these dreams remain, even now, my little secret. 🙂

  2. yikes! that’s quite the dream! when i was pregnant with both my boys, i had really vivid dreams. and they were always a montage of my day. like if i watched Grey’s Anatomy or something, at least one of the actors were in my dream that night…it was crazy! crazy…but interesting! 😉

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