95 is the loneliest number

I don’t know how many of you are on cre8buzz, but if you are, you will know that 95 is a lonely number. And this most humble blog? It’s ranked at 259. That’s not so great. In fact, it licks goat bum. My blog is licking goat’s bum, people, and that hurts the soul, not to mention the tongue.

So what can you do? If you are members of cre8buzz, go and check out my page. I just purdied it up this weekend, and if you so desire, you can leave your most humble of opinions (in the form of ratings) on the Cheeze blog. If you are not members, go and check it out. It may be your cup of tea to rate my blog sign up.

I am nothing if not shameless.


8 thoughts on “95 is the loneliest number

  1. Love cre8buzz, hate the stupid ratings.
    I just rated you (thought I already had — I kind of stopped doing ot though because like I said -stupid) 😛

  2. Oiy! See, this is why I have resisted the buzz of cre8buzz.

    Because I lick enough goat butt, not to mention having skid marked underwear thrown at me by little men all of the time.

    I like I need another kick in the ego? So I still haven’t registered and keep holding my ignorance of sucky-ness close to my heart.

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