Wordless Wednesday: Boobie fest


Thanks to LMJ for this fantastic montage. I, unfortunately, do not have any pictures of me breastfeeding Sacha. I do, however, have pictures of me trying to shoo away a cat while holding a baby on a nursing pillow shortly after having breastfed.


4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Boobie fest

  1. I love it! I remember tandem feeding my twins and my MIL taking a picture, putting it in her scrapbook (that all her church friends would see) with the tag line, “Table for Two!” Mortifying at first, then when I thought about it, way cool.

    Thanks for the post!


  2. This was a really great montage! I hope some day to be able to breastfeed when I have my babies. It’s why I’ve been carrying these things around for! The sexy part is nice, but it’s not why we have them in the first place, hello breastfeeding-rights-haters! I love what Heather said above! Tandem feeding twins! Wow!! You go girl! LOL

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