I’ve become THAT woman

I’m 9 weeks along.  Clearly, this is not far enough along to wear maternity clothes, as I in no way look maternal.  But, seeing as this is pregnancy #2, things are not as constrictive as they used to be, and the weight just seems to be packing itself right onto my belly.

Now, I can still wear my clothes.

Disclaimer: I typically wear MILF style clothing – low rise jeans, snug-boobie-hugging shirts.  Now, my jeans fit, but there is an element of muffin topness to my body that just won’t be denied.  That, and wearing a tight shirt makes the muffin seem more like a chiffon cake bursting out of the top of the pan.

I refuse to take out my maternity clothes.  I got so sick of them last time, I never wanted to see them again.  But I also do not really think it’s smart to go out and buy new clothes for this stage of inbetweeness.  So what do I do?

I am wearing my husband’s clothes.  That’s right.  The last day I brought Sacha to our community playgroup, I wore a pair of my torn-up jeans with a “Jesus Saves” T-Shirt, size LARGE.  It has a picture of J-boy wearing goalie equipment and catching a puck in his goalie’s mitt.  Classic shirt.

But on me: Just call me Frumpy McMuffinTop


8 thoughts on “I’ve become THAT woman

  1. isn’t pregnancy grand? 😉

    I also used yoga pants for that inbetween stage..I also wore pj pants the rest of the time…even in public.

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  3. I am 12 weeks and had to get out the maternity tops already because of the “muffin top”, I knew I would show sooner with the second but the only thing showing is the flab left from the last one.
    P.S. I hate maternity clothes! Love my husbands jeans!

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