What is your mom worth?

As Tony and I are trying to determine where we want to live when we move back to our home province, we weigh out the pros and cons of each potential town/city.

Must haves include French schools (or immersion at the least) for Sacha, teaching opportunities for me, and somewhat appropriate housing prices.

The discussion of other perks led to this conversation:

Me: Does Camrose have a Starbucks?

Tony: Umn, I don’t know.

Me: I really want to live where there’s a Starbucks.

Tony: But Peace River doesn’t have a Starbucks.

Me: Yeah, but my mom is there.

Tony: So what you’re saying is that you’d trade your mom for a Starbucks.

Me: NO…I’d trade a Starbucks for my mom.


5 thoughts on “What is your mom worth?

  1. Hilarious! Starbucks or your mother? That is a tough choice. I guess you must consider the following: Can Starbucks babysit Sacha? Does Starbucks give good hugs? Is Starbucks as sweet as your mother (alright I guess that one is a little tricky…)

  2. my SIL has a Saeco espresso machine…the same one that Starbucks uses! get this…she got is as a bridal shower present from her future MIL!!! this thing is worth $1800!!! crazy!

    maybe you should put one on your Christmas list! 😉

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