Respect my CLASSINESS!

This is it.  I officially outrank you all in the classiness authori-tay.

I got dressed in a hurry this morning  afternoon so that my mom and I could go do some grocery shopping downtown while Sacha slept.  While my mom was in line at the grocery store, I ran across the parking lot in the rain to Tim Horton’s, seriously jonesing for some caffeine.

I get into T-Ho’s, my glasses are wet and I can’t see anything.  While waiting in line to order my cup of joe, I unzip my hoodie to wipe off my glasses, only to remember that I AM NOT WEARING ANYTHING UNDER MY HOODIE!  Other than a tattered old bra.  Oh.  My.  God.  I scurry to zip up my hoodie, and the flippin zipper gets stuck!  You know, when it gets all warped and you have to unzip it AGAIN just to rezip it the right way.

In the mean time, my tattered bra is on full display for the entire T-Ho’s universe to admire.  The bloke behind me even has the nerve to say “You wanna try that again?”

Finally, after quite the zipper battle, I am able to cover my boobs.   I look around, no one has reacted yet.  Then again, I am sure they were waiting for me to get the heck out of there to start howling in laughter or chase me down in the parking lot and ask me how much it would cost for a repeat show.

So to recap:

  • Ran through the rain to go get a coffee.
  • Glasses get wet.
  • Take off only shirt to try and wipe glasses.
  • Flash the world
  • Some old guy gets all revved up.
  • I am a total dolt.

Any questions?


16 thoughts on “Respect my CLASSINESS!

  1. I think you need to make yourself a classiness authority button, like Heather’s skid mark button. Sheesh. Keep your boobs under wraps, woman!

  2. I have a question….

    Does T-Ho’s sell fresh mait? ‘Cuz I could come with you and grab your boob while yelling ‘Fresh Mait!’. Since your boob is already exposed and all.

  3. I do bow down to your authori-tay. While leaving the house yesterday to run a quick errand, I told my husband that I needed to put on a bra. He asked why, since I wouldn’t be getting out of the car. My answer? “In case I have to go to jail.”

    Yep, the only reason I put on a bra when going out in public is in case I find myself in the slammer having to wear an orange jumpsuit.


  4. LOL, I’m thinking a repeat performance is in order after our pedis this weekend…maybe not at T-Ho’s but Julio’s, probably after a few too many margueritas…

  5. When Rob was about 8 months old I was standing in church, paying attention to the service rather than my son who was on my hip– he decided that maybe it was time to eat and unfastened my top completely before I noticed. Of course, all anyone saw was a boring nursing bra, but I still felt like a total idiot.

  6. HA! Thanks for the good laugh! That is even better than my using the men’s washroom in Fredericton airport! Cause you know there are unisex washrooms out there eh! HA!
    See you soon. Timmins on Wed or Thurs

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