Godzilla Reincarnate

There are certain things I omit from the standard parent-kidling conversations about my son: that he doesn’t sleep through the night, that he is a major mama’s boy, that he likes to use tampons as soothers, that he bites, and that he destroys things faster than Bush can say evil-doers.

I had never really noticed the dramatic destructive tendencies Sacha possesses until we arrived in Alberta for our extended holiday. To illustrate my point, I have compiled a brief list of the things Sacha has destroyed since our arrival to Alberta.

  1. My mom’s kitchen
  2. My mom’s $700 area rug by dripping peach mung all over it
  3. The view-finder on my camera
  4. A glass plate from Elliot’s tea party set
  5. A sugar packet display at Boston Pizza
  6. An entire table and sitting booth at Boston Pizza
  7. A Sesame Street keychain display at Elephants Never Forget
  8. A Baby Einstein display at Elephants Never Forget
  9. Pretty much all of Elephants Never Forget
  10. A shelving unit filled with to go containers at Bueno Gelato
  11. Pretty much every to go container on said shelf at Bueno Gelato

Things Sacha has attempted to destroy:

  1. My parent’s 52″ plasma HDTV
  2. A display of expensive art at a friend’s place of work
  3. My sister-in-law’s HDTV
  4. Two computers and their CD-ROM drives
  5. A cat
  6. A space heater
  7. My sanity (the jury is still out on which list this item belongs on)

And the list grows exponentially by the day…

Godzilla is victorious over kitchen!


6 thoughts on “Godzilla Reincarnate

  1. That’s what my MIL kitchen looks like when I let Bubbie loose with no one home.

    He looks like he is having a good time, I absolutely love the picture!

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