I’ll take nom-de-plume for $1000, Alex

It has been brought to my attention that I comment a lot on the innerwebs. I am big into providing feedback in a timely fashion – what can I say, I’m a teacher.

Since I know that Sarah is by no means a rare name, I think I will start writing and publishing under a nom de plume, just in case you thought that Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sarah McLachlan, Sarah Polley, Sarah Brightman, Sarah Harmer or Sarah wife of Abraham were the ones writing those witty and insightful comments and posts. IT WAS ME DAMMIT!

Names up for consideration are:

  • Ms. Mustard
  • Cheezy Lady
  • Ms. Mix-a-Lot
  • Cheeze Wizard
  • Cheeze Witch
  • Ms Plastic

If you have any ideas or preferences for any of these fabulous names, leave you opinion in the comments section. Your input is greatly appreciated.

In a timely fashion 🙂


8 thoughts on “I’ll take nom-de-plume for $1000, Alex

  1. You know that, by the very nature of who I am, I am obliged to lodge a vote for “Ms. Mix-a-Lot” – that said, I’d say “Cheeze Wizard” runs a very close second 😉

  2. Did you write a comment on my post about Zoe and her airplane seatbelt thing? It was a “Sarah”… and it had a question… and I wanted to respond… but the name wasn’t linked to anything.


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