Wordless Wednesday: Yes, They’re Real!

Yes, they're real!


6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Yes, They’re Real!

  1. Angela: HAHA! I never thought that anyone would think the people were fake…lol
    The picture is from a high school trip to Italy in 1999, but I’ve always thought it was hilarious.

  2. From the title I was looking for someone who had giant breasts. Why did my mind go there? Why does the girl in the picture look so disgusted with the lemons? This whole photo is a mystery.

  3. Sorrento, Italy is famous for its lemons and lemon liqueur (limoncello). These were some of the lemons in question.
    They are really sweet and not really like the lemons we know.
    And the face – priceless.
    Note: I am NOT in this picture.

  4. Great Picture! I like the guy with his tongue sticking out.

    My FIL love those lemons, he even tried to grow them here in the US once, didn’t work.

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