Marley Hat, The Conclusion

Despite having NO time for myself yesterday, I somehow had the urge to knit last night and finally finished the top part of the Marley hat. Here, Sacha is sporting it while he watches Miffy and Friends (Miffy! A sweet little bunny. Miffy! A smart little bunny…)

Marley hat

I think this is one of my favourites. It will be going to one very lucky Baby Boy Marc when I meet him in a couple of weeks.
I would very much like to knit for a girl, sometime. Every baby that has been born in my family or circle of friends lately is of the male persuasion. Seriously, can I NOT just use some pink??


11 thoughts on “Marley Hat, The Conclusion

  1. That hat is adorable! I love the scrigglies on top.

    I know what you mean about no girls – we have six boys on my side of the family and it looks like my mom is not going to have any granddaughters. We’re kind of bummed about that!

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