Are you sitting down? Are you? Don’t risk it, you should be sitting down for this:

Sacha took his first steps! He was pushing a broom (yes, I train my child labourers early) and I was holding on to him. Then all of a sudden, he just took off from me, walked 5 steps, realized that he was no longer touching me, and cried and fell on his grossly padded cloth-diapered bum.  I screamed for Tony to come and see, and this scared Sacha and made him cry more.  Stupid Sarah.

Then, he did it again! 5 more steps (while sweeping, good boy)! Once again, he realized that he was alone in his endeavor, fell on his bum and cried.

I ran around in circles like a village idiot howling “I have to call someone! I have to call someone!” only to realize that my mom was NOT at home. So I called my Baba (for you non-Ukrainian folk, that’s Grandma) who asked if I had taped it. Seeing that I am not psychic and did not anticipate the event, I told her that I had not captured the moment for all eternity.

Yippee!  I am über happy, even though I know these few steps will only eventually lead to complete chaos in my house.

As if it weren’t already chaotic here: did you know that tampons do not make good soothers?  They should really put that on the box.



  1. I love the title. And the last few sentences. Classic! And good to know. Let me know how excited you are when he starts destroying everything in sight. Fun times, my friend. Fun times.

  2. hahahahaha!!! that was a fun read.. i read it twice…
    i grew up raising 3 younger brothers with the youngest’s first word being my name… plenty o’ little tyke stories 🙂

    thanks for the warming post 🙂

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