lol brb ttyl cyers

Glancing over my blog entries, I realized something: my writing skills are not as great as they once were.  I know that the Interweb (see comment #1) is often not the best showcase of one’s skills.  I am, however, capable of writing well.  I got an A+ in a senior level philosophy course, for goodness sake!  Why is that applicable?  We had to write responses to the literature and classroom discussions in dissertation-form on a weekly basis and I aced those puppies.

Now, I start most of my “dissertations” with So I was…

Most of my e-mails take off with Whaddup?

What worries me most is not necessarily that I am becoming a lazy writer.  I know how to write and I can do it when I want and need to. What worries me is that most kids today use the internet, e-mail and messenger as their main form of writing practice.  And I think we all know what kind of practice that is:

fncyqueen23: whaddup? 

spiceebrnette2: n2m. u?

fncyqueen23: OMG im SOOOOOOOOOO bored…rents have ppl over…my dads friend is this old guy with a majorly combover…lmao

 spiceebrnette2: lol…thatsux…what r u doing 2morrow?

 fncyqueen23: i dunno…mayB c a movie with john

  spiceebrnette2: SWEET hes so hot!

fncyqueen23: oh, brb…phone.

 spiceebrnette2: k…well g2g neway

 fncyqueen23: k…ttyl

spiceebrnette: yup cyer l8r

Are these girls possessed by demons?  Do they not know the appropriate use of the ellipse?  Or of capitalization? Or of vowels? Or of apostrophes?  Lynne Truss would have a bird flamingo!


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