Like father, like son

For your consideration:

Photo 1, taken 5 years ago, of T trying to get candle wax out of his boxers after he blew out a candle with such vigor that the hot wax spat back at him, splattering his body with waxy goo.

Photo 2, taken yesterday, of T’s offspring trying to get a toy out of the toy box.
bum.jpg bum2.jpg

Photo 1                                         Photo 2


6 thoughts on “Like father, like son

  1. Ha, Sarah. I was just going to ask if T knew that you posted the photo. He is a brave man. And I thought that Sacha had the same build as him – is it weird that I can predict what my own brother’s butt looks like? Ew.

  2. Well, he knows about it and okayed it, so not my fault. Plus, I’m sure he’s mooned his share of people in his wilder days.

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