I answer the age-old question

Does Cheeze Whiz cause migraines? Or mustard, perhaps?

No, you say, that’s absurd! Who would ever think that?

Why, search engines do! I’m not entirely certain which one, exactly, but some poor guy was looking to learn more about migraines, he typed it into a search engine and was led *gasp* here! How do I know this? Blog stats, people. Blog stats.

Now, I will admit that I have had my share of migraines, but I have never known them to be the result of an overindulgence in plastic edible oil Cheeze whiz.

Or mustard.


4 thoughts on “I answer the age-old question

  1. Yes, I quite agree with the cartoon character comment. He’s all bright and blue-eyed, but something is still very mischievous about him…

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