Stripey Hat

I finished this hat for Baby Steeves last week, but I didn’t want to post any pictures of it, lest the baby’s mama stumble on my blog and see it.  The pattern was easy-peasy, although working the top part of the hat in the round with only 8 stitches for 10 rows or so made for a very annoying Monday night.  But, it finished up well AND it’s made of the lovely superwash wool from Knitpicks.  I even tested its superwash properties in my front loader and it came out just lovely.

Comments I have received about the hat:
“Are you raising a hippie child?” – Paul
“It looks like a circus tent!” – Marlene
“So precious!  That is a keepsake for sure!” – Random old lady

Now, I may FINALLY begin to learn the fine art of socks.  ALthough, truth be told, I am rather nervous and delaying starting them because it is something new and I am sure that I will be ripping them out numerous times before I am done.  And ripping out my work just kills a little piece of me each time I have to do it.



2 thoughts on “Stripey Hat

  1. you’re hats are freakin’ awesome, sarah! i just learned socks…if you have the right pattern it’s not hard at all 🙂

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