Raffi is cool because…

I forgot. I wanted to mention that I found a Raffi CD at (gasp) Walmart! I didn’t recognize the album cover, but as soon as I put the gem music into the jukebox, I full-on sang every song. That’s right, I sang along with Raffi. And Sacha thought it was great. Tony thought I was insane. But I ask you this: who DOESN’T know Raffi? Everyone knows the Brush Your Teeth song, even if they don’t realize it’s Raffi. A bit obsessive compulsive with the brushing, yes. But good for kids with bad breath? YES!

Make fun of me if you will, but as a Beluga Grad, I am rediscovering a love of the children’s troubadour, and I think if you all dig deep into your record and tape collections from your youth, you will fall in love again, too.


What do you think?

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